Joseph "Buddy" Gigliotti

A True SIR Indeed

It is not often in today’s society that you find a man with the character, charisma, or passion of  Joseph “Buddy” Gigliotti.  Buddy, a long-time member of the AGC NYS family, has been a pillar of loyalty and dependability throughout his time with the organization; as a leader (President in 1991 and AGC of America National Highway Director), a member, and most importantly, a mentor.  From Jeff DiStefano to Dave Collins—both of whom nominated Buddy for this prestigious SIR Award—to so many others in our industry, Buddy has been a steadfast partner; ensuring that youth has an opportunity to serve and lead our proud organization while making certain that the veterans who offer a vast amount of knowledge and expertise remain active.

A lifelong resident of Utica, Buddy started his career working for Mayor Dominick Assaro from 1968 through the 1971 elections.  A Democratic State Committeemen for many years, it was only natural that after a change in the mayor’s office in 1972, Buddy went to work as a political consultant—securing his first contract with a candidate locked in a tough congressional primary race.  While his candidate was not successful, Buddy still laughs as he recalls the fun, and at times craziness, that came along with running political campaigns.  Buddy remains a loyal and well respected Democratic State Committeeman to this day.

In 1975, Buddy joined Allied Chemicals as the New York Area Manager, where he remained until 1980 when he joined COLAS/ Barrett Industries, as a Marketing Manager.  In this role, Buddy provided strategic consulting and sales strategy development, as well as acquisition and growth strategy; eventually helping Barrett become a national leader in transportation infrastructure construction.  In 1990, Buddy left Barrett and continues to provide strategic consulting to companies under his firm, JGK Associates, and currently works for Lancaster Development playing a key role in their marketing efforts.

A close friend and trusted confidant of some of the biggest names in politics and the construction industry, Buddy leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Perhaps a result of his best friends and mentors Spartakus DeLia and Martin “Marty” Galasso, Buddy brings an unmatched passion for what AGC represents and a desire to work day in and day out to strengthen the construction industry as a whole while also continuing the fight for increased highway funding.  
A classic example of the reputation Buddy has built throughout his career took place when a number of AGC members (including Buddy) attended a fundraiser for Governor Cuomo in New York City during his 2010 campaign.  As with most candidates who have large fundraisers, the now Governor made his way down the line shaking hands and saying hello to everyone.  As he got toward the end of the line Governor Cuomo, recognizing his friend Buddy Gigliotti, yelled out, “Buddyyyyyy” and ran over to say hello and give him a big hug—great if you’re Buddy, but for the last few guys who missed their hand shake with the future Governor, it’s the cost of being friends with such a popular guy.

The SIR Award— named after the AGC motto of Skill, Integrity, and Responsibility is AGC’s highest honor.  Recipients of the SIR Award, like Buddy, are recognized for their contributions to the strength of the construction industry. Whether they are working on the jobsite, advocating for contractors, or strengthening our communities and natural surroundings, they are all worthy of the highest recognition the industry provides. A shining example of the humility and passion Buddy has for the industry is when he was asked, “What is your biggest accomplishment with AGC NYS over the many decades you have been around?”  His humble answer was simply that until we secure a truly dedicated highway funding stream in New York, his work is not done and the final chapter of his long list of accomplishments is not written.  It’s another classic Buddy story, where a man that so many people admire shows why he is being presented this special award.  For Buddy, nobody is bigger than the association, and no one single accomplishment stands atop another; it’s about the whole being greater than the sum of its parts.

Joseph “Buddy” Gigliotti is an inspiration to many in the AGC family and joins great company by accepting this award, including AGC greats such as Jeff Zogg, Buddy’s dear friend Martin Galasso, Sr. and Richard Forrestel, who as Buddy said “bleeds AGC pride.” If you speak to Buddy he will tell you how it’s an honor to be considered in the same class with the legacies mentioned above but truthfully, speaking on behalf of everyone who has had the pleasure of meeting or dealing with Buddy, it’s an honor to spend time and work with a man who means so much to everyone in the industry and who is a true role model and the kind of person the SIR Award epitomizes.