A Compelling Case for Transforming Erie Canal Village

Erie Canal Village holds immense untapped potential as an economic and cultural hub if revitalized according to the proposed strategic plan. As the birthplace of the historic Erie Canal, the site possesses significant historical importance that has yet to be fully realized as an asset.

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A very sincere thank you to Carlo Lopopolo & Anthony Morali for the opportunity to work on the River Lofts project. This transformational endeavor will add so much to the quality of life for those of us currently residing here and those who will soon join us. The value of your investment is validated ok by Empire State Development choosing to contribute a capital grant of $440,000 for Phase 1. JGK Associates is beyond excited re our strategic alliance moving forward. We welcome the challenge of assisting in the execution of the project plan. And we further appreciate the wonderful new space you are preparing for our offices.  Buona Fortuna !

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